​Julian Gorman

Julian Gorman

I was born in Childress, TX, a small town. I used to rap on the schoolbus, the kids called me DJ Julrock. I always wanted to be a rapper growing up, inspired by the Beastie Boys, Too Short, Run DMC and many others. My life led to marriage, kids, and work.

I used to believe that innocent people don’t go to prison because I wasn’t familiar with the justice system, and believed whatever the local news said about a person.

I am currently serving a 22 year prison sentence for a crime I did not commit. I had two trials. A paid attorney first trial, a public defender (PD) the second trial. My PD told me I was facing 80 years and that I should take an Alford Plea of five years. I would not plead to something I didn’t do. My PD then refused to put on witnesses that testified in the first trial who were key to my defense. Emails and recorded audio tapes that helped my defense were not made aware to the jury. There is a whole lot more, I am willing to discuss it with anyone who has questions. You are more than welcome to got to jpay and email me.

State: Ohio / Prison ID #: A588490