IV: A general update on DJC

zines 1

above: zine by 8th graders at Achievement First Brownsville Middle School


Hello Die Jim Crow followers —

Thanks for keeping abreast. It’s been awhile since the last blog post but a lot has been going on. This is a candid blog post for those who wish to read of more activity of the project. Well – this is to let you know — it will come, but slowly at this juncture. At the moment, I (Fury, the producer of DJC) work full time and do DJC work in my spare time, so doing blog posts is time consuming. However, I’ve been spending that time progressing the project in other fruitful ways. So to keep the community updated, here is some of the exciting stuff that’s been going on:

  • The “Headed to the Streets” music video began shooting with B.L. Shirelle last weekend in Philly, PA. Anthony McKinney has been sending in videos from Warren Correctional, Ohio.
  • Myself and DJC co-producer/engineer dr. Israel have participated in two workshops at Achievement First Brownsville Middle School (Brooklyn NY), where an 8th grade class got to speak with DJC artists in prison, as well as record their own spoken word pieces. This was truly an awesome experience, so thank you to the three classes and to their teacher Ruby Singh.
  • I am in the process of applying to grants (though we had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, funding remains a priority. To donate to DJC, click here)
  • I am doing research and outreach to other prisons so myself and dr. Israel can gain access to record in more places — so more great recordings and voices can be heard from behind the walls.
  • All the Kickstarter rewards have been sent out. If you donated via Kickstarter and did not receive your reward, contact diejimcrow@gmail.com

There is a lot more to come, and hopefully some blogs NOT written by me!!! But right now we’re working with what we got. Just keeping the ball rolling. So thanks for reading this and be patient for what is to follow.

Peace & Blessings, Fury

Natalina and Sydney
Natalina (left) and Sydney perform during DJC workshop
Daniel, Rodini, Shanaya
(L-R) Daniel, Rodini, and Shanaya do a spoken word piece
Ant headed
Ant in “Headed” video