IX: “Ask a Lifer” & Leon Benson rap

No Justice

above: “No Justice” by Mark Springer


Two new videos today.

Mark Springer is a lifer at Warren Correctional Institution (Lebanon, OH) and was one of the main musicians behind the DIE JIM CROW EP. This video is an interactive project of his titled “Ask A Lifer,” where folks on the outside world are encouraged to ask him questions, which he will then answer in a part two. Send questions to diejimcrow – at – gmail – dot – com. Mark is also a visual artist, and you can view and purchase his work at dieartwork.com/mark-springer


Also posted today is a rap from Leon Benson, a vocalist/writer at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana. Leon is serving 60 years for a murder he did not commit. For more on Leon’s case, see here. Leon also does visual art: dieartwork.com/leon-benson. Look out for more from Leon on the full length DIE JIM CROW LP.

“Poète Maudit” by Leon Benson

Last but not least, we are very close to reaching our goal on the Generosity crowdfunding page for the DIE JIM CROW LP Southern Trip 2017. Please help us make the goal by donating now: LINK. Thank you for your support.