Beach drone

Photo: still from “Headed to the Streets” music video. Shot by drone operator Gregory Coraggio. Director of Photography: Carlos Garcia de Dios.


This is not extensive enough to be considered a Blog post so we’ll call it XV 1/2.

There are a lot of new developments with Die Jim Crow and the Blogs have taken a temporary place on the lower list of priorities. Check back soon for a thorough update of what has been going on the past few months.

This is really a post to show a sign of life on this landing page, as the previous Blog XIV dates back to October of last year! This void in posting is NOT due to a lack of activity but THE OPPOSITE. There has been so much going on we have not had the opportunity to post a quality blog.

In the meantime go to our instagram page for the latest as it comes in. And check out this time lapse from the “Headed” shoot! Video by Gregory Coraggio. Music video out March 31.

Thanks for your patience,
Fury Young
DJC Producer