XIV: Melvins Interview Part 2: Origins of Lifers Group

Belly of the Beast

Premiering on diejimcrow.com today… the second installment of the Maxwell Melvins interview series: “Part 2: Origins of Lifers Group.” A rainy grey day here in New York, it feels like the right time for sitting back and taking this in. While Part 1: Pre-Prison was dark and heavy at times, Part 2 is an inspiring chronicle of how Lifers Group came to be. So make some popcorn, turn the lights off, and enjoy…

BUT FIRST — a few words from the man himself:

Hopefully you take something away from “Part 2: Origins of Lifers Group” (or, as Melvins would say, “take heed to the message”), which follows Maxwell as a youngblood at Trenton State Prison to his transfer to Rahway, where he eventually forms Lifers Group. Stay tuned for a December or January release of Part 3, which will go in-depth into the recording process and political element of the Lifers Group body of work.

The main task at hand for the Die Jim Crow project is now finishing the “Headed to the Streets” music video, which wraps shooting next week in Bushwick (Brooklyn NY), Avon By-The-Sea (NJ), and Jackson (NJ).

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Now — back to pre-production mode.

Ezette, BL, Val
Ezette Edouard, B.L. Shirelle, Valerie Seeley in “Headed” video